How to make a childs skirt

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do my first blog tutorial on how to make a childs skirt (age 2-6).  I have a very active 2 year old who goes through clothes like there’s no tomorrow so being able to make the odd item of clothing from scraps of fabric I have is in invlauable to me.

This skirt is very easy to make and took me about 30 minutes to do.

You will need:

60cm of 1″ wide elastic

1/2 metre of fabric of your choice.  I used a ditsy print cotton.

Sewing machine



Measure the waist and length you want the skirt to be. ( I have a 2 year old and wanted the skirt to fall on the knee, so I measured 14″, 10″ for length and 4″ for seam allowance and waistband. The waist was 21″)  I will continue with these measurements but adjust to fit your child.

I chose a very cute floral ditsy print cotton and cut a 14″ by 42″ ( approx double waist measurement) rectangle, press and then fold fabric in half, right sides together, sew down the short edges to create a circle with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Press a 1/2″ hem around one bottom edge and then fold over another 1/2″ to create a double hem.  Stitch this in place.


On the opposite edge, press over 11/2″ seam onto the wrong side of the fabric, lay your elastic on this seam and then fold over another 1 1/2″ and press.  Stitch into place below the edge of the elastic, ensuring you do not stitch on the elastic, keep a 2″ gap on the seam so you can pull the elastic to the correct length.Image

Pull the elastic at both ends so that the fabric is gathered and the skirt is just under half the waist measurement. (waist for my daugher was 21″ so skirt with elastic pulled measures approx 9.5″ across.) double stitch together the two elastic ends so that they are secured and trim off any excess.

Close the gap on the hem and stitch to secure in place.


Cut two, 4×5″ rectangles, hem them on 3 edges by 1/2″ on the remaining long edge hem 1/2″ then repeat to make a double hem. Stitch along all 4 sides.  Repeat for the second pocket.

Once you have both pockets completed, place them on the skirt on either sides.  Line them up and pin into place.  I placed mine approx 1.5″ below the waistband and 6″ between the two pockets.

Once you are happy with the position, sew along the bottom and side edges to secure the pocket to the skirt.

You are finished!  Enjoy!

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