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I just had to service my freehub for a BHS SL210 rear hub. I ended up having to take it to the LBS to get some grease/lube for it. I only have Phil Wood grease and it's so think I didn't think it would be appropriate to use. The local shop uses a grease that was in a sizable tub, grey in color. Didn't catch the name on the tub however.

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Use a liquid lubricant in the back side and front. Spin freehub to work lube inside. Grease freehub mounting-bolt. Install freehub and any spacer onto hub body. Thread in freehub mounting-bolt and secure fully. Tighten to about 360 inch-pounds. If you are holding a wrench 6 inches from the bolt, apply 60 pounds of effort.

Lithium vs Silicone Grease? - Forums - MT-07 FZ-07 For

Lithium grease (esp. chain grease/wax) has a product to clean the chain. I guess that product (thinner oils that evaporate), might be bad for the seals, but I don't think or believe the actual lythium grease/wax can do any harm to the seals. It's a lot thicker than silicone grease for sure.

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Campagnolo designs, produces and distributes top-end components for racing bikes to give absolute results. Tradition, technological development and design are all aspects that make the world of Campagnolo stand out from every aspect.

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Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease for me. The whole tube was $12 I think. I load up 3ml Luer-Lock style syringes and cap them off. So far, it seems to work fine on choke threads. Most any grease/oil is better than no grease/oil. I think I paid $2 for 10 syringes and $1.30 for a bag of 100 caps on a popular auction site.

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Forums - Mtbr.com. Welcome to the Forums - Mtbr.com. Classic Mountain Bike Forums Threads / Posts Last Post. 26er Bikes. 26" wheel size. Forum Actions: ... Regional Bike Trails and Rides Forums Threads / Posts Last Post. Discuss trails and trail conditions. Meet riders from your area. View race and event schedule. Post group rides. Alaska.

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Post your mountain bikes, parts and gear for sale here. Cycling job listings okay here.

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I've had a Look Carbon seatpost on my Litespeed Tuscany for the past two years and haven't had any of the problems you mention. I weigh about 175, so if there were something intrinsic to the design that would cause it to slip, I should think I would have been among the first to be affected.

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Up Close with the New Campagnolo Over Torque Ultra. Recently Campagnolo announced a new crank called the Over Torque coming in Jan/Feb of 2014. So far we’re told only one of these cranks has come to North America, and today we got to spend some time playing with it and installing it on a bike to see how it works.

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Shimano Dura Ace Grease Lube user reviews : 0 out of 5 - 0 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.com

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I gave up on grease a while ago. It i sjust too thick and causes issues on the range in cold weather. I use oils on my guns. Use one of the following without issue super lube multi liquid, slip 2000, m-pro -7,fp10,lucas gun oil.

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To help you find the perfect grease gun, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable grease guns. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

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It's a combination of the two, depending on which ad wins the auction for the slot. They shouldn't be too obtrusive though, I've put them out of the way of the main page content and there aren't any auto-playing video ads, dating ads, or those giant-sized browser-crashers.

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Please post any questions you might have here in this weekly thread. New threads will be posted every Wednesday. Give a question, answer a...

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So you spent a lot of money on a set of Mavic Ksyrium or Crossmax wheels that are by the way, arguably the best bang for the buck wheels currently available that you can both train AND race on, and in a season or so of riding, you start experiencing some shifting issues that are not the easiest to diagnose. These issues can range from noise to skipping, but usually both.

Old racing bike: update components or frame? [Archive .

So I have an awesome old specialized epic pro racing bike that I bought used in 2005, although the bike itself is about 20 years old or older. It is full Dura Ace w/ an old school carbon fiber frame with aluminum joints. All parts are original save for the saddle and the wheels, both of which I upgraded. Overall, the bike is in great shape!

Best Chain Lube, Mongoose 21-Speed "Tactic" - Bob Is The .

Best chain lube: 3-In-1 oil. Put on a light coat, let it sit overnight, then wipe it off. On a cycling forum full of egg head bike racers, an aerospace engineer with too much time on his hands tested the shear properties and friction reduction properties of various boutique chain lubes, and some household lubricants.

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Freewheels loaded with some type of nasty Taiwan grease. Thick, stinky, yellow exudate. Dries puke orange and smells worse. The best feature is that it fails in use causing one pawl to stick and it's downhill from there. I'm thinking grease is not the best lube for the job. So what is a good freewheel lubricant?

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Please use the right grease when replacing brakes .

I just replaced my front and rear rotors and pads and wanted to share a greasy experience I just had so hopefully no one else will have to go through what I just did. When lubing your front caliper pins (mounting bolts and sleeves) and rubber bushings, be sure to use grease specifically designed ...

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